Protecting Biodiversity in Tengchong

Description: The project site is located at the southern edge of Gaoligonshan Nature Reserve in Yunnan province, China. The proposed project is a small-scale reforestation project under CDM. Mixed forests will be established around the buffer zone of Gaoligonshan Nature Reserve and the area adjacent to the Nature Reserve, using native tree species. The project will generate approximately 150,000 tons of CO2 benefits (offsets) over its 30 year lifetime.

Project Type: Forestation
Location: Gaoligongshan Nature Reserve, Yunnan province, China
Quantity: 150,000 tonnes CO2e total
Accounting period: 2007 to 2037
Operator: Sujiang Forestry Farm
Standard: -
Supported by: (USA - MD)
Conservation International (USA - VA)
Sustainable Travel International (USA - WA)
Entry created: 5th September 2007
Last updated: 4th August 2010
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