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Project nameLocationTypeStandardsCreated
12.25 MW Bundled Wind Power Project in India India Wind VCS 11/2012
18.86 MW Bundled Wind Power India Wind VCS 02/2008
2 x 3.5 MW Ullunkal Hydro Power Project in Kerala India Hydro VCS 11/2012
6 MW Wind Power Project in Tamil Nadu by REI Agro Limited India Wind VCS 11/2012
6.0 MW Biomass based cogeneration power plant of Rama Paper Mills Limited India Biomass VCS 12/2010
Alize Çamseki Wind Turkey Wind VCS, Gold 09/2010
Babilonia Hydroelectric Project Honduras Hydro VCS 04/2010
Babilonia Hydropower Project Honduras Hydro VCS 05/2010
Borneo Reforestation Malaysia Forests VCS 06/2012
Brazil Run of the River Brazil Hydro VCS 06/2012
Bundled Renewable Energy India Wind VCS 05/2010
Bundled Wind Project, India India Wind VCS 09/2010
Chantaburi WWT Thailand Biomass CDM, VCS, Gold 09/2010
Chol Charoen WWT Thailand Biomass VCS 09/2010
Clean Energy from wood chips, rice husks Brazil Biomass VCS 05/2010
Coc Dam Hydropower Project Vietnam Hydro VCS 07/2011
Collectivized Brick Manufacturer Efficiency Peru Fuels VCS 04/2009
Community Based Reforestation Canada Forests VCS 05/2010
CYY Biopower Wastewater treatment plant Thailand Biomass CDM, VCS, Gold 09/2010
Des Plaines Landfill USA - IL Methane VCS, ERT 09/2007
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