ClearSky Climate Solutions

Description: ClearSky Climate Solutions is a developer of high-quality carbon offset projects. We retail certified carbon offsets from projects in the USA and around the world.
Provider type: -
Address: 415 N Higgins Avenue
Suite 11
MT 59802
Telephone: +1 406 721 3000 x1240
Established: -
Price: US $12.00 per tonne CO2e
Cost efficiency: About 70% goes to projects
Note: providers calculate this differently
Customers: Individuals
Small companies
Large companies
Industrial plants
More info: Team
Entry created: 8th January 2009
Last updated: 18th August 2010
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ClearSky Climate Solutions Projects Location Type Vintages Price
Gordondale Dairy Methane Capture USA - WI Biomass Combustion - US $12.00
Montana Rangeland Sequestration Pool USA - MT - - US $12.00
Panama Sustainable Forestry and Reforestation Panama Forestation - US $12.00
Pinehurst Acres Swine Methane Capture USA - PA Biomass Combustion - US $12.00
Texas Reforestation Pool USA - TX Forestation - US $12.00

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