Earth Givers

Description: Our mission is to help people create more sustainable lifestyles by reducing CO2 emission through energy conservation, alternative energy development and carbon sequestration projects. These projects include educational forums in schools and communities and neutralizing events such as sports events, concerts and conferences through the of CO2 emissions released during these events. Projects are primarily done locally which allows the community a direct involvement and benefit
Provider type: -
Address: 408 W. University Avenue,
Suite 504
FL 32601
Telephone: +1 352 575 1713
Established: 2007
Price: US $13.20 per tonne CO2e
Cost efficiency: At least 50% goes to projects
Note: providers calculate this differently
Customers: Individuals
Small companies
Large companies
Industrial plants
More info: Team
Entry created: 27th October 2010
Last updated: 27th October 2010
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