Steel Company’s Commitment To The Environment ?>

Steel Company’s Commitment To The Environment

Caring for the environment and at the same time doing a day’s hard work with a few chemicals can be done side-by-side without compromising the other. This was what a company producing galvanized steel coil had proven in their procedures and practices.

Galvanized Steel Coil

The Steel Company

Dragon Metal Trading Company had long been acclaimed as a steel producer for the quality that customers trust and recommend. The facilities they have, partnered with the skilled workers they have and the various goods they have to offer, one truly could not easily neglect having Dragon Metal Trading Corporation as a primary option for their needs in terms of steel.  From the simplest to the most complex need that they have, one can surely find what he or she needs for steel-related materials.

One of the excellent quality that steel goods offer is the galvanized steel coil — which is one of the goods that they use in helping the environment.

The Galvanized Steel Coil in a Nutshell

Galvanized steel coil, also known by the name of zincalume, is a carbon steel sheet coated with an aluminium-zinc alloy to avoid corrosion under any sort of circumstance. It weighs very lightly yet is heavy-weight in protecting itself from peeling and corrosion regardless of the weather and other surrounding conditions. Dragon Metals Trading Company offers customers with both bare and pre-painted galvanized steel sheets. The difference between the two is that the bare sheet does not have an extra coating, while the pre-painted sheet has one.

Carbon, Steel and the Environment

With carbon being used in the process of creating galvanized steel sheets, the company also makes sure that the carbon footprints left by these are kept at minimal levels. Since excessive carbon does harm to the environment and the living things around it, they assure that the moment levels of these chemicals are produced, some proceed to the Carbon footprint. Through carbon footprint, it is assured that the carbon is transformed into something more useful to the environment rather than remaining in its state as a harmful one.

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