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Stuffed Animal Company Doing What They Can For The Environment ?>

Stuffed Animal Company Doing What They Can For The Environment

Cuddle Clone’s products — customized stuffed animals — are not just replicas of the things people love about nature, they also care about the environment as a part of their job. With the materials they use and their rationale behind it, this company proves that working with machines does not necessarily mean being a destroyer of the eco-system.

Cuddle Clone’s customized stuffed animals have earned its reputation as the best provider of replica stuffed toys. Clienteles have hailed this company for the excellent quality of stuffed animals they have produced. What makes their products remarkable to many is that they replicate their clienteles’ pets in the most accurate way possible through their stuffed toys. Many have been left stunned and amazed with their outputs and their customers keep on increasing.

For some, their products serve as memories of their pets who already left while others purchase their stuffed toys simply to have a mini version of their pets. Aside from the amazingly realistic and high-quality customized stuffed animals, this company also offers plush slippers, stuffed animal restoration, custom figurines and customized ornaments. They also offer services for artists who created an animal artwork and turn it into a real stuffed toy.

Custom Stuffed Pets help reducing waste and the deterioration of the environment with the products they use for the production of the items they sell. Aside from their fabric and materials being of high quality, these are also not the ones that put the environment in danger nor its inhabitants. Unlike many stuffed toy companies in the country that use plastic bags and gas guzzlers, Custom Stuffed Pets uses Cuddle Clones.

These Cuddles Clone’s customized stuffed animals use acrylic and minimal polyester to produce the softest yet the sturdiest material for the stuffed toys. They also make use of water-based airbrushing techniques to color their materials. On top of that, their materials are compliant to the standards and safety measures set by concerned agencies regarding the substances and quality that they are expected to follow.

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