Green Dentistry: Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future ?>

Green Dentistry: Leading The Way To A Sustainable Future

Green toothpase to represent green dentistryThe green dentistry movement is changing the way we think about dental care. Traditionally, green dentistry was focused on providing healthier treatments for patients, but it also now seeks to find environment-friendly solutions for all aspects of dental care. Green dentists are committed to making this industry more sustainable and providing better oral health treatments through green practices. 

If you’re looking for a green emergency dentist near you,  can help you vet through the perfect one for your needs! For now, let’s look at why green dentistry is the way of the future!


What Is Green Dentistry?

Green dentistry is an eco-friendly approach to dental care that focuses on finding environment-friendly alternatives and practices in supporting and maintaining wellness. A green dentist will work to find cleaner, more sustainable methods in providing dental care services. They make such a positive impact by developing techniques and procedures that promote waste reduction and energy conservation. 

Furthermore, a green office promotes the use of digital x-rays, paperless charts, and washable tools. The equipment used consumes less energy, such as UV LEDs that are mercury-free. Steam autoclaves are used for sterilizing tools and the vacuum system is waterless to save gallons of water. They also have higher recycling rates because of using electronic document management and appointment systems.

All in all, the green dentistry practice seeks to provide patients with chemical-free dental care while protecting the environment and finding sustainable solutions for better care.


How Does Green Dentistry Help The Environment And Patients

From drilling for fillings to managing solid waste, dental clinics use a variety of chemicals and materials that cause environmental damage. Green dentistry aims to make these practices more sustainable by offering cutting-edge technology that minimizes the use of toxic substances and radiation exposure. 

Eco-conscious dentists advocate the use of high-quality, steam sterilization methods and biodegradable disinfectants. These alternatives reduce the disposal of harmful chemicals into the water supply and the dispersion of chemical vapors into the air. 

Moreover, they promote metal-free dental restoratives. This curtails the use of heavy metal fillings, like silver amalgam, which contaminates the main water supply and is equally harmful to patients. Today, the use of adhesive dental restoratives is becoming more popular as they are both environment-friendly and natural-looking. 

How Does Green Dentistry Help The Dental Practitioner

Going green does not only benefit patients and the environment, it also provides advantages to a dental practice. By providing sustainable solutions, dental practitioners can actually improve their green credentials. 

Since there is a growing movement in green dentistry, many insurance companies are also offering incentives to those who adopt green practices. With this, dentists can offer patients lower prices than local competitors and still turn a great profit.

Why Green Dentistry Should Be a Priority in the Dental Industry

Waste management is one of the greatest challenges of the modern world, and the case is no different in the dental industry. Dental clinic wastes contribute significantly to toxic chemicals that enter sewers, landfills, and streams. In fact, the Journal for Career in Dental Nursing has reported that over 260kg of waste is generated by general dental practitioners yearly. Moreover, 10-25% of these are considered toxic to healthcare workers, the public, and the environment. 

Many dentists have already redirected their practices to sustainability by opting for environment-friendly supplies and equipment or by using energy-efficient structures in their clinics. Although green dentistry isn’t for everyone, dentists should at least consider these ideas when working with their patients so they are still receiving the highest quality of care available. After all, making changes for the planet will also help them extend their market to a growing number of eco-conscious patients.


Final Thoughts

Green Dentistry is an innovative way of promoting optimal health care while reducing environmental impact. This field of dentistry focuses on sustainability and providing healthier treatment for patients, including those who can’t afford expensive treatments. By pursuing sustainable practices, oral health practitioners can take steps that, cumulatively, have a greater impact on the environment.

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